Anne Kolb Nature Center

Private Tour and Guided Walk





Saturday, March 16
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM


Join fellow Crimson for a private tour through Anne Kolb Nature Center and learn about their focus on protecting the urban mangrove forest.
The Club will also take a guided nature walk through the mangroves on the boardwalk trail so wear comfortable shoes and a hat and don't forget sunblock as some of the trail is out in the open.



Anne Kolb Nature Center

751 Sheridan St, Hollywood, FL 33019
Includes lunch and refreshments



anne-kolbAnne Kolb Nature Center is named for the first woman elected to the Broward County Commission. Broward County was established in 1915, she took office in 1974. During her term and afterward, she fought for a county land use plan, conservation of open space, and creation of the Urban Wilderness Park system in Broward. She is why this mangrove forest that was slated for development was protected.

Anne Kolb Nature Center opened in 1996 after years of planning and development and boasts 1,500+ acres of coastal mangrove wetlands -- one of the largest urban parks in Florida -- that is rich in native vegetation and wildlife, including many threatened and endangered species.

This lovely 1500 acres of coastal mangroves is on one side of West Lake, while opposite is the recreation area (referred to as West Lake Park). The entirely 'wild' section, Anne Kolb Nature Center, is crisscrossed by hiking trails and offers views over West Lake. Such a natural park is a rarity in Broward County.


Topics discussed during the tour

  • Physical conditions

  • Nutrients

  • Shifting tides

  • Salinity

  • Turbidity

  • Three types of mangroves

  • Brackish water and how mangroves have adapted to live in a salty environment.

  • Animals that can be found in mangrove estuaries.

  • Mud (decomposition)

  • Crabs and Snails

  • Changing tides - salinity

  • Nutrients in water and mud- turbidity

  • Nursery habitat and movement of animals between estuary and ocean

  • Movement of nutrients between estuary and ocean

  • Manatees

  • Seeds and propagules

  • Pollution and Environmental/Human Impacts


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Cost:  Your ticket includes a private tour of the Nature Center and a walk along the boardwalk followed by lunch and refreshments.
Harvard Club of Broward County Members: $20.00 per person

Non-Members and Guests: $30.00 per person

Consider joining! The Club's membership dues are a modest $75.00 per year!



Please contact Club Administrator, Tricia Wansor at or 954-914-3148.